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(SOLD OUT) CLASS: Barre, Bubbles + Bites (60 minute class) @ Solo Italiano
11:00 AM11:00

(SOLD OUT) CLASS: Barre, Bubbles + Bites (60 minute class) @ Solo Italiano

DETAILS: Effervescence and community at Barre & Bubbles. Move, strengthen, and center yourself in this hour-long Barre class with instructor Ellie Lovin followed by bubbles and bites at Solo Italiano.

Inspired by classical ballet, Pilates, yoga and functional movement, Barre enhances your mind-body connection, refines your movement quality and builds strength, balance and grace from the inside out. Open to all movers--no dance or barre class experience necessary. BYO yoga mat and a pair of regular (not grippy) socks. (60min class)

Let your endorphins flow before the bubbles are poured! Bring a friend or make 29 new ones at a joyful total body barre class around Solo Italiano's open, light-filled bar between iconic views of Commercial Street and Portland's working waterfront. Following your class, Crush and Easterly distributors will pour a rewarding flight of sparkling wines—Ortrugo Vivace, Prosecco Superiore, Franciacorte, and Nebbiolo Brut. Chef Paolo and Mercedes will match each pour with an appropriate noontime nibble to further the ride your endorphins will be on!

Elly Lovin has been wearing leg warmers and dancing around the house since 1986. She began her studies in classical ballet at age five and went on to earn a BFA in Dance from the University of Iowa with a focus in ballet, modern dance and performance. She has a 200-hour Vinyasa RYT certification through Frog Lotus Yoga (2008) and has taught yoga, ballet-barre fitness and creative dance to children and adults in Iowa, Taiwan, Chicago, New York City and Portland, Maine. Elly teaches locally at The Rooted Collective, Portland School of Ballet, Casco Bay Movers and Waynflete Schools. She is a Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist, teaching creative dance residencies in public schools throughout Maine. Elly believes in movement as celebration, not punishment, and that any form of movement practice should serve to deepen the movers’ relationship to themselves and the world around them in a meaningful way. 

COST: $45


RESERVE: Click here for to purchase tickets

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(SOLD OUT) CLASS: New Cali Wine Tasting with Sommelier Stella Hernandez @ Lolita
3:00 PM15:00

(SOLD OUT) CLASS: New Cali Wine Tasting with Sommelier Stella Hernandez @ Lolita

DETAILS: California has a rich wine history dating back to the mid-1800's.  Ridge and Mondavi, Beaulieu and Heitz all flourished in the 1960's and '70's.  Then there was the Judgement of Paris in 1976, a competition in which American wines were blind tasted against their French counterparts in Bordeaux and brought home top honors.  The 1990's brought cult California wines from Napa that started to define the style most of us think of when we think of California -  ripe, full, and oaky - bold, and very American.  

Today, alongside that classic style, California wine is evolving in a lot of different directions and there is so much amazing wine being made from Mendocino to Santa Barbara and beyond. There's a new style emerging - a more tempered one.  One might say the wines are even delicate.  It's no longer just about Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, but beautiful Valdigué, Cinsault, Malvasia, and Chenin Blanc.  And different approaches to working with classic varietals like Zinfandel. 

Join certified sommelier Stella Hernandez to taste a bunch of these gorgeous 'new Cali' wines. We'll have some really limited production wines including one from Martha Stoumen in Mendocino that will change your mind about Zinfandel. (And, with only 1540 cases made, super hard to get your hands on!)  Or Birichino's Cinsault from 128 year old ungrafted vines in the iconic Bechtold Vineyard in the Central Coast.  Sparkling Malvasia, check!  We're building a line up of some fun wines to taste and compare. (And, maybe some classics, too.)

COST: $55 (includes wine, food, tax, and service)

RESERVE: Get Tickets! Limited to 12 people.


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CLASS: A Tasting of Tuscany with Friends of Spannocchia and Sono Montenidoli @ Leroux Kitchen
5:30 PM17:30

CLASS: A Tasting of Tuscany with Friends of Spannocchia and Sono Montenidoli @ Leroux Kitchen

DETAILS: Tuscany is possibly the dreamiest place on Earth, and it also home to a rich tradition of agriculture dating back thousands of years. Montenidoli winery and Friends of Spannocchia are two groups whose shared mission is to preserve those agricultural practices while protecting the land and traditions of Tuscany. 

Join us to learn about these practices, as well as taste the products of their respective efforts. We will taste through a lineup of Montenidoli’s beautiful wines, and have the opportunity to try  Spannocchia’s freshest pressing of olive oil. 

Cully Eisner-Terrill from Leroux kitchen will be leading the demonstration along side Nick Doherty who will be walking you through the carefully selected Montenidoli wines. 

We will be preparing an array of traditional Tuscan antipastil, and we’ll learn how to make stuffed squash blossoms, the perfect crostino, and how to select the tastiest Italian cheeses. Each course of food will be presented with Montenidoli's beautiful wines including her traditional Vernaccia and Toscano Rosso. 

COST: $65



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Class: Eight Italian Wines You Need to Know with Sommelier of the Year Mike Madrigale @ Chaval
2:00 PM14:00

Class: Eight Italian Wines You Need to Know with Sommelier of the Year Mike Madrigale @ Chaval


DETAILS: Producing wines since the 8th Century BC, Italy is has been instrumental in the furtherance of wine culture throughout the world. Yet when compared to France, Italy's reputation is always considered inferior.  NOT ANYMORE.  Please join NYC Sommelier, Michael Madrigale of Grande Cuvee in a fun and informative tasting of 8 Italian wines that you need to know that will give France a run for their money. 

About Michael Madrigale
Over the past 17 years in the NYC wine industry, Michael has amassed enough accolades and industry recognition to last a lifetime.  Among them: 

  • James Beard Award Finalist “Americas Best Wine Program” 2014

  • Named Americas Best Blind Palate 2010 (Food and Wine Magazine)

  • Named Bordeaux Ambassador to US 2015 thru 2018

  • Named Ambassador of Wines of Northern Greece 2015 thru 2018

  • Two time Sommelier of the Year (Food & Wine 2012) (Wine Enthusiast 2013)

  • Two time winner of Wine and Spirits Magazine "Sommelier Scavenger Hunt" (2014, 2015)

  • Top 40 under 40 Wine Enthusiast (2015)

Today, Michael has taken his expertise and just launched his online direct to consumer wine company called GRANDECUVEE, where Michael will be selling wines exactly like you'll taste in the seminar. The app is available on the APPLE APP STORE.  

COST: $50
LINKS: Wine Enthusiast video, Eater profile

RESERVE: Click here to purchase tickets

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(SOLD OUT) CLASS: Wine Pairing with Pasta: Bridge Ingredients and Pasta Making @ Solo Italiano
4:00 PM16:00

(SOLD OUT) CLASS: Wine Pairing with Pasta: Bridge Ingredients and Pasta Making @ Solo Italiano

DETAILS: Featuring chef Paolo Laboa and resident wine guy, Jesse Bania, of Solo Italiano, this class will teach the ins and outs of pasta (corzetti in this case) and pairing its preparation with the perfect wine. You'll delve into the history of pasta and some of Paolo’s own pasta-making stories. After some hands-on work, your pasta will then head to the kitchen where Paolo will finish and present them in two distinctly unique manners. While you enjoy the fruits of your labor with your classmates, you'll learn about bridge ingredients within those preparations that might affect a suggested pairing. As homework, a final portion will be yours to take home for experimentation – along with the right wine, of course! 

COST: $75, limited to 16 people


Reserve: Click here to purchase tickets

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PANEL DISCUSSION: What, Really, is a "Natural" Wine? @ Oxbow
3:00 PM15:00

PANEL DISCUSSION: What, Really, is a "Natural" Wine? @ Oxbow

DETAILS: “Natural Wine” is the hottest, and most hotly debated wine category today. Many contemporary wine professionals have embraced “natural” processes as the driving force behind their portfolios, wine lists and offers. It’s also a thrilling category for open-minded drinkers who are interested in new styles and up-and-coming wine regions, as well as those who care about environmental sustainability and their own personal well-being.⁣⁣

Join natural wine thought-leaders, influencers, and makers Ned Swain, Zev Rovine, Josefa Concannon and ⁣Brian Smith for this insightful and delicious natural wine panel discussion. Each panelist will serve a wine during the talk.⁣⁣
If you're a wine professional or amateur enthusiast, and you care about wine’s history, present, and future, this is an event not to be missed! You’ll leave this panel discussion captivated by the wines themselves and inspired by a mind-broadening understanding of natural wine.⁣⁣

Ned Swain — Ned Swain fell in love with wine while studying in Florence, Italy as a teenager. On his return to Maine he lucked into a job at the Blue Hill Wine Shop and worked for David Witter: a man who played a big part in creating the fine wine market in Maine back in the 1970s and 1980s.  Ned moved to Portland in 2002 at the age of 21 to expand Devenish Wines, although he had no experience in sales or distribution. Ned grew up in and with the southern Maine restaurant scene and quickly realized he was happier and more successful when he focused on wines that he was passionate about regardless of whether or not anyone had heard of the places they came from. As the food scene in Maine continued to develop, Ned focused more and more on wines that tasted like the climate, soil, and culture of the specific place they came from.  Eventually many of those wines began to be called “Natural”.  Ned has had the opportunity to watch from the inside as the Natural Wine movement in America coalesced and gained momentum. Most recently, Ned has been running across parts of Italy and visiting small producers along the way, in preparation for writing a food and wine travel book.

THE PANEL: Each panelist will serve a wine during the talk.

Zev Rovine — Zev started his own company bringing in Natural wine and has had a huge impact on the movement in the US.

Josefa Concannon — Josefa has been in the Food and Beverage industry her whole life.  She made the jump to working for Louis Dressner over 15 years ago. Dressner was one of the first companies to focus exclusively on wines made more naturally and to be comfortable having that conversation and explaining the complex technical differences.

Brian Smith — Brian studied wine making in CA and then returned to New England with his wife and bought an old salt water farm in mid coast Maine.  He started Oyster River Winegrowers as a DIY homestead and over the years has persevered through all the Maine winters and initial skepticism of Maine wine to figure out how to make exciting wines fermented with native yeast on the coast of Maine

COST: $35



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CLASS: Rancio Wine with Patrick McDonald + Lauren Clarke from Haus Alpenz @ Chaval
12:00 PM12:00

CLASS: Rancio Wine with Patrick McDonald + Lauren Clarke from Haus Alpenz @ Chaval

DETAILS:  What is Rancio? “Cataluyna is home to one of the oldest forms of winemaking, a tradition of dry, aged, oxidative wines of a type that once would have been found along the Mediterranean coast, from Greece to Iberia. Known in Roussillon as Rancio sec (Vi Ranci, in Catalan), these are dry, unfortified wines made as they have been for more than two millennia: transformed by time, exposure to oxygen and, often, heat. Ideal as an aperitif, with all manner of pork preparations including barbeque, or after-dinner, Rancio sec is completely shelf-stable after opening.”

“Made in minute quantities, Rancio sec was until recently served only on special occasions to a winemaker’s family and friends; its historic importance and endangered status recognized by Slow Food in 1989. Today, there is a quiet revival and recognition of its place in the modern world, as oxidative, umami-driven wines attract renewed interest.”

Join us and learn about different styles of Rancio wines, how to pair them with food, and use them in cocktails.

COST: $10 Wine and Restaurant Industry, $15 General Public

RESERVE:  GET TICKETS, 207-772-1110 or email

LINKS: and

Patrick McDonald is the bar manager at Chaval in Portland, Maine. Born in Upstate New York, he earned his B.S. with honors from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management. After many years honing his bartending craft in Manhattan, Patrick moved to Maine in 2011. He has developed several bar programs in Portland, including Central Provisions in 2014 and Chaval in 2017. His passion for fortified wines is evident in his bar program at Chaval, which showcases a wide range of styles, from rancio, to vermouth, sherry, madeira and port.  Patrick is a founding member of the United States Bartenders Guild Portland Maine Chapter, where he served three years as President. A certified Bourbon Steward, his award winning cocktails have been featured in both local and National publications. When he’s not walking his West Highland Terrier, Maddy, Patrick enjoys collecting whiskey and spending time with his niece, Olive.

Rancio Wine shot 2.png
Rancio Wine shot.png
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(SOLD OUT) SEMINAR: Women in Wine Panel: Pushing the Boundaries Discussion @ FALMOUTH COUNTRY CLUB
10:00 AM10:00

(SOLD OUT) SEMINAR: Women in Wine Panel: Pushing the Boundaries Discussion @ FALMOUTH COUNTRY CLUB


DETAILS: The wine industry, both in production and distribution, has long been a male-dominated industry. This has slowly been changing over the last few decades. As more and more women take up positions of respect and authority in the wine industry it is changing the business of wine and how wine is consumed.

This year’s Portland Wine Week is proud to include a Women in Wine Track and to open the week’s festivities with a Women in Wine Panel Discussion moderated by Amy Traverso of Yankee Magazine. 

This panel is composed of women from Portland and across the United States and Europe, who have push the boundaries and found ways to create their own places in the world of wine. 

Join us on Monday, June 17, from 10-12 pm at the Falmouth Country Club to kick-off Portland Wine Week with an insightful discussion on what it’s like being a woman in the wine industry and how these women claimed their spot in this evolving industry.

COST: $10 per person


IMG_6649 copy.jpg


Yankee Senior Food Editor and Cohost of Weekends with Yankee


Stella Hernandez

Owner/Certified Sommelier
Lolita Vinoteca + Asador, Portland, Maine

Karen Ulrich


DipWSET, Director of National Sales
T. Edward Wines



Day Wines, Willamette Valley, Oregon



Carol Shelton Wines, Santa Rosa, California



Export Manager
Perlage Srl, Veneto, Italy



Wine Sales Representative
Devenish Wines, Portland, Maine



La Garagista Farm + Winery, Barnard, Vermont



Central Provisions, Portland, Maine



Transportation Sponsor Maine Limousine Service will provide complimentary transportation between Portland and Falmouth Country Club. Take a free ride back to Portland for one of the many events taking place or stay at the FCC to relax by the pool, play tennis on the clay courts, take the golf cart for a drive and hit some golf balls on the beautifil driving range — (golf pros will be on site to give pointers), get a ready for the evening with a makeup touch up by local and national makeup artists for Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, and Clinique.

This seminar is part of Portland Wine Week taking place in beautiful, coastal Portland, Maine, June 17-23, 2019. Visit and check out the growing events schedule for event details.

Portland Wine Week is Presented by Wine Wise.

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